Sunday, June 26, 2011


Evening, citizen.

This blog is eventually going to feature commentary and/or dialogues about all the Judge Dredd books that are currently in print (and some that are out of print). The plan is to go through all the Dredd-related comics stories that have been collected in book form, in an approximation of chronological order.

"Dredd-related," for my purposes, means "set in the time of the Mega-Cities." There are a ton of Dredd spinoffs, some of which have been reprinted in books--Judge Anderson, Judge Death, Chopper, and so on. I'll be covering those, too. Crossovers with Dredd (Batman/Judge Dredd, Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens, etc.) count, and in fact are often in continuity in the Dreddverse--but other series that have crossed over but aren't directly associated with the Mega-City setting don't count. (So: no Harlem Heroes, Flesh, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper, etc.)

As for "chronological order": that's tricky too, since the latter three-fifths of the catalogue (basically from the beginning of Judge Dredd Megazine) is in severe disarray. What I'll probably start out doing is running through the 17 volumes of The Complete Case Files that are out so far, adding other volumes at the chronological point at which their first non-Case Files story appears. (So, for instance, the first Judge Anderson collection will probably appear between volumes 8 and 9.) No guarantees, though.

Assuming I manage to keep going with this project, this entry will eventually be updated to include an index.


  1. Man, this is great: a comprehensive , long-form review of one of the greatest creations in comics. And by an American to boot! He's gone neglected over here for too long.

    Will there be a further in-depth introductory essay pertaining to your history with the character, why you decided to start this blog, and what you hope to accomplish it? I hope I'm not asking for too much. I'm a fan of your writing, and its nice to see you focus on a character I love.

  2. Good stuff. I'll be reading.

    Matt Badham, who came here via