Sunday, February 10, 2013

Housekeeping #1: The Uncollected Dredd

Since I put together a few lists for my own benefit (with the invaluable assistance of BARNEY, of course), I figured they might be useful for other people reading this site.

There are a ton of Dredd comics that haven't yet been collected in book form (although some have been reprinted in Extreme Editions, Megazine floppies, and the like). Here's a quick rundown of the stories completists may want to track down, many of them still available in one form or another from 2000 AD Online.

From 2000 AD:

1262, 1267, 1274-1276, 1278, 1288: one-offs
1293, 1302, 1304-1305, 1308-1312, 1318-1319, 1321, 1338-1341: shorts
1358-1374: shorts and (in 1365-1370) Smith and Siku's "Meatmonger"
1382-1386: Gordon Rennie and Charlie Adlard's "Gulag"
1389-1391, 1406-1407: one-offs
1423-1436: miscellany
1440-1452: the first ten of these are Rennie and Andrew Currie's "Blood Trails"
1461, 1465-1475, 1480-1481, 1483-1499: miscellany
1522-1528: "Origins" interludes
1537-1541: one-offs
1549-1554, 1567-1568, 1576: miscellany
1582-1588: first five of these are Rennie and Dave Taylor's "Road Stop"
1596-1599, 1604-1610: miscellany
1617-1627: first ten of these are Wagner and Marshall's "The Ecstasy"
1634, 1637-1639: miscellany
1668-1671: "Tour of Duty" sequences that aren't in Tour of Duty: Mega-City Justice
1695-1699, 1706-1711, 1714-1729, 1731-1739: miscellany
1752: Michael Carroll and Ben Willsher's "Day of Chaos: Downtime"
1790-1791, 1797, 1804-1805, 1813-1815, 1817-1818, 1823, 1826-1829, 1842-1844, 1858-1861, 1870-1872, 1874-1911: various
1923, 1950-1960, 1962-1972, 1991-2000, 2007-2031, 2035-2044, 2050-2054, 2069-2099, 2010-2133: more miscellany
...and then nothing from 2135 onward has yet been collected in book form, to my knowledge.

Also still unreprinted: stories from the year-end progs 2000, 2004-2006, 2009, and 2011-2014.

Note that there were no Dredd stories in Progs 1, 109, 155, 1100 and 1138; the episodes in Progs 268, 351 and 352 were reprints.

Judge Dredd Megazine vol. 4
3, 6-14: shorts

Judge Dredd Megazine post-volume numbering
201: Gordon Rennie and Lee Sullivan's "War Crimes"
204-206: Garth Ennis and John Higgins' "Monkey on My Back"
207-210, 214-220, 223-226, 235, 236, 238: various (two uncollected episodes apiece in 215-217, 225, 236; three in 224)
244-249, 253-256: various
257-265: Pat Mills and John Hicklenton's "Blood of Satanus III: The Tenth Circle" (additional uncollected episodes in 260, 264, 265)
266-272, 278, 279, 282-292, 297-306, 309, 312-327, 329-335, 337-342, 356-370, 375, 378-385, 387-391: various
...and then nothing from 396 onward has yet been collected in book form

Other as-yet-uncollected Dredd comics:
Judge Dredd (DC series) #1-18
Judge Dredd: Lawman of the Future #1-23
Judge Dredd: Legends of the Law #1-13
Judge Dredd: The Movie one-shot
...and innumerable newspaper strips, which I can't keep track of (although The Daily Dredds vol. 1 has mopped up all the weekly strips from the Daily Star)


  1. Hi, could you write something about the new IDW series? A review, perhaps?
    Is it like a reboot, from another publisher? Should I read that, or go for The Complete Case Files?

  2. I'm actually writing text features IN the new IDW series--in the backmatter of every issue! It's a separate set of stories, taking place in 2099 (i.e. the year in which the 2000 AD series begins).

  3. Some of the omissions there are pretty staggering: Monkey on my Back, Bury my Knee..., The Cal Legacy, Gulag, Giant, Howler, Lawcon to pick just a few that are all top quality stories, some pretty important to either the character or the continuity of Dredd. I know the EE and Meg floppies have served this purpose, but they're not very library or shelf-friendly.

  4. Bury my Knee, Howler and Giant are on the latest Case Files (20). Wolk removed them from the list recently.

    Lawcon is on one of the Meg floppies. And that would actually be a great place to republish those that will still take some time to appear on the Case Files, like Monkey on my Back and Gulag. Rennie's Blood Trails would also be a great choice for the meg, since it fits an issue perfectly.

    And it would help me a bit, since quite a few of them are on my list to translate for the upcoming brazilian editions...